How to setup Faster VPN


Step 1. Go to VPN Setting:

Substep 1. Click Setting. 

Substep 2.Go to Wireless & networks VPN.


Step 2. Add one VPN configuration

Add one new VPN configuration by clicking 'Add VPN network'.

Enter vpn profile name.

Choose "IPSec Xauth PSK" from drop-down list as the VPN type.

Enter Shared Secret provided by us. Be sure it is entered correctly.

Click Save button to save it.


Step 3. Get VPN connection:

Substep 1. Enter your VPN Username and VPN Password provided by us. 

Please check your order email to get VPN server, your account information and Shared Secret. Please check junk mailbox/spam as well.

Contact us if no order email is received after your successful payment.

Substep 2.Click 'Connect' button to start the VPN connection.


Step 4. Get VPN connection

When the connected message is showing up, the VPN connection is on.

Click Disconnect button to exit current VPN connection.