Tunnelblick setup for MAC


Step 1. Install Tunnelblick client for Mac OS:

Substep 1. Download Tunnelblick client to your Mac pc

Substep 2. Complete the installation by going through the Installation Wizard.


Step 2. Install Configurations (tblk files) for Mac OS 

Substep 1. Download FasterVPN tblk files

Please signin the link in your account information email to get download link for tblk files.

Substep 2. Install all Faster tblk files in sequence

Don't check for a change

Don't check for updates automatically

Important: Skip the new version! Don't download and install the new version!



Step 3. Get VPN connection

Substep 1. Right Click the icon at the top right corner of home screen, Select one of FasterVPN servers to connect

Substep 2. Login with Username and Password (Please check your order email for your Faster-VPN account information).

Check the box "Save in Keychain" to remember password.



Step 4. VPN Connected

The VPN connection succeeds when it shows Connected.

Click Disconnect button to exit current VPN connection.

Important: When you switch on another VPN server connection, please disconnect the current one first!